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About Me, Paul LeBlanc

It is my pleasure to provide therapy, counselling in the Ottawa region and have for 20 years and still going strong with enthusiasm and empathy.  I provide in person counsel and coaching as the preferred format. In addition to my therapy practice, I also provide hospital-based mental health care. As a therapist I am current in a number of therapeutic models and I keep up with current best practices in therapy and counselling techniques by regularly attending conferences and workshops. Also, working in a major teaching hospital allows me to learn from a large, multidisciplinary health care team.

At This time, Services are provided via two formats.  In Person as well as Skype [paul-leblanc_3]. In person in my comfortable office with coffee is the preferred format. 

  • My Apologies, but at this time, I am not available for Couples, Marital counselling.
  • I do remain available for individual counselling as described above and throughout this web page.
  • The Wait Time is currently at least four to six weeks for initial appointment. 

Please contact me to discuss appointment,      paul-leblanc@rogers.com

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Therapy and Counselling with Paul LeBlanc 

My style of therapy relies on two fundamental beliefs.  One, that our  relationships, personalities and mood have been influenced by the early bonds we experience as children and youth (attachment oriented).  Second, that our genetics and circumstances, things we are powerless over as children and youth, also influence the development of our personality and mood stability.   My goals as a therapist is to help you understand how past attachments, circumstances and experiences have influenced your personality and mood and capacity for interpersonal health with an overall goal of founding your  relationships as a safe, secure base.  To help you achieve wellness, happiness and stability in the world around you.  Of late I have been influenced by the application of mindfulness (feelings are temporary, getting grounded) and neuroplasticity, theory and science that the brain can heal itself and “learn” new ways of interacting with the environment.

How I work

Clients most frequently come to my practice with symptoms of anxiety or depression for individual appointments. Or they come for marital couple therapy, or for family therapy concerning children, parenting issues, or child issues.

While I use a number of therapeutic models to help clients, including emotion focused, cognitive behavioral and dialectic behavioral therapy, the process begins with taking a thorough history, after which my client and I agree on goals and get to work. Therapy tends to last between two and 12 months in my practice. I believe in making therapy goal-directed, efficient — and I want the time you spend “surfing the couch” to actually be enjoyable and most importantly that you get somewhere with myself as the coach. We will not talk about day to day conflict, or struggles, rather we will talk about why there are day to day struggles and I will coach you to manage your response, outlook, coping and engagement strategies in new healthier ways.

Who I am

I grew up in a small central Ontario community (Orillia) and came to Ottawa for graduate work. Becoming a father to my daughters Hope now 19 and Melody now 15 with my spouse Bonnie has changed my life in many ways, including giving me a much deeper sense of empathy with my clients and families.  In addition to trying to be a therapist, father, husband, and friend, I own and self manage several rental income properties including an inventory of  apartments and vacation rentals (14 doors) which also keeps me far too busy.

My off hours see me spending time with my girls, skiing in the winter (a lot), Fat Biking in the winter, Mountain Biking, Trail riding during Non Snow conditions, tennis with my girls.  I am an avid runner, somewhat of a fitness buff, and try to stay active.  Also I am a bit of  an angler fishing (pike, bass, and one day a muskey) (and occasionally catching) with my buddies, playing with my snowblower and lawn tractor, or attempting to be a handy, techie guy/nerd.  I have been accused of hoarding electronics.  Lately I have taken to Van Life and love camping in Class B+ camper, The Ekko.

My Credentials, are an Honours Degree in Criminology, Honours Degree in Social Work and Masters Degree in Social Work.  This is followed by many updated continuing eduation programs, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Attachment Therapy and Dialectic Behavioral Therapy.

Take A  Look Around, Feel free to send a question

Even if not booking an appointment please take a look around the site to explore useful links, recommended readings, my favorite movies.  It would be my pleasure to provide you with counsel, but if not, I hope you find the site helpful. If you are in crisis in Ottawa, please call the Distress Centre, 613 722 6914.  If you would like an appointment, please go to the contact link and send me a message.  I will reply, promptly.

Paul's office

Paul’s office

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