These are some resources I find myself recommending over and over to clients to help them gain insight into their situation. You may find them useful as well.

…for Marriage Couple Therapy

…for Individual Therapy

  • Emotion Focused Therapy for Individuals, “We’re Alive Because We Feel, Yes some of our emotions should be tempered.  But many of our emotions, even those we’d rather not feel, can lead us towards greater well being, if only we’d allow them to do so”.  Click Here to Further Explore EFT for Individuals.
  • Dialectic Behavior Therapy, DBT focuses on helping patients modify their ways of thinking and behaving. The word “dialectical” simply means that two opposite things can be true at the same time—in this case, that patients need to accept themselves, warts and all, yet recognize that by changing their destructive coping methods and learning other skills, they could have a better life. Marsha Linehan, Phd.  Click Here to Further Explore DBT.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Depression, Cognitive-Behavioral (CBT) therapists suggest that depression is caused by a combination of an unhelpful dysfunctional thought process and by maladaptive behaviors motivated by that thought process. In CBT we seek to reorganize and reframe these “unhelpful dysfunctional” beliefs and behaviors.  Click Here to further explore CBT for Depression.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Thinking, and Fears/Phobias, avoidance.  Here we learn new methods and ways to change our old thinking patterns and habits. With anxiety we’re often/always thinking. experiencing and predicting the worst.  As long as this continues we will continue to suffer.  In CBT for anxiety, we recondition our minds to respond differently, than we have and to NOT think of and expect the worst case scenario. With anxiety we have been conditioned to feel, think and behave negatively and to take protective or avoidant measures.  In CBT for anxiety we are reconditioned, to cope, not expect the worst, and to suffer less and enjoy rather than avoid risks. Click here to further explore CBT for anxiety.

…for Divorce and Separation

…for Mental Health

…for Substance Use and Gambling  My Motto For Addiction (Addiction is not Your Fault….It is your Responsibility)

…for Military Families

Social Work Resources